Your specialist in packaging machinery and packaging lines

Food and nonfood

Greymans Paktech specializes in the design and development of packaging lines, for the food industry in particular. Our solutions are aimed at the automation of labor intensive activities and also at increasing the efficiency, safety and hygiene.

Packaging machinery design and development from a to z

Professional, innovative and client-oriented, these are the core values that we identify ourselves by. Our company has existed for more than 25 years and has tremendous know-how and experience. A professional and committed team is ready to see to the realization of the complete process. Our methodology covers the entire process: After a briefing interview, the development, construction and positioning of the packaging line will follow and, of course, making adjustments and/or maintenance on your premises, is included in our services.

Packaging machinery for food industry

Greymans Paktech focuses its activities mainly on the food industry, but we also have ample experience in packaging machinery for nonfood items. We have delivered packaging machinery for the packing of screws, toys, electrical items, etc.

Distinctive features

Our expertise and commitment certainly offer added value. We offer input regarding the entire layout of the packaging line and come up with the best, often surprising, solutions.

  • Client-specific, innovative solutions in packaging machinery
  • Cooperative and problem solving ability: we are your sparring partner
  • Customized machines, customized software
  • Extensive robotics solutions
  • Extensive and modern machinery
  • Own 3D printer
  • Delivery from A to Z
  • Short lines and quick(er) response
  • Direct service, also via remote control

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