Box fillers/Case packers

Box fillers/case packers for efficient and quick packaging into boxes or trays

In order to pack products at large speed and with minimal changeover times into a box/tray/secondary packaging, we have been designing box fillers/case packers for many years. The box fillers are designed to measure for a wide range of products, like products on dishes, products in foil, products in bags and bulk products.
A box filler can be perfectly combined with, for example, a flow packer in a complete packaging line.

Case packer as a stand-alone packaging machine or as part of a packaging line

A box filler can be used as stand-alone application, but can also be perfectly combined with a flow packer in a complete packaging line.

Robot case packer

Reliable, efficient and flexible filling of boxes

A box filler with robotics guarantees reliability, efficiency and flexibility. By filling the boxes automatically, not only the speed and efficiency are improved, but also health and safety and hygiene requirements can easily be complied with. 
A robot case packer is normally equipped with pick and place robot arm(s) (with a gripper or suction cup, depending on the product).

Bulk case packer

Conventionele dozenvuller voor bulk

Conventional box filler for bulk

A conventional box filler is intended for quick packing of products, like candy bars, into boxes. In case robotics cannot be used, for whatever reason, a conventional case packer may be a perfect tool. The products are counted or weighed.
The changeover times for a case packer are minimal, so switching between products or packaging can be done quickly.

Pictures of machines


  • From plano, make box, fill and close
  • Very compact robot cell

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