Packaging machinery for confectionery/candy

Candies are as tasty as they are diverse: Licorice, sweets, chewing gum, lollies, toffees, gums… All these types of candy demand different ways of packaging. And so every time, other requirements apply to the packaging machinery. Moreover, hygiene-requirements and the specific processes and demands of the client also largely influence the design of the perfect packaging machine or packaging line. 
We construct packaging machinery conform client specification for candies/candy. This could be a standalone packaging machine or a complete packaging line.

Customized packaging machinery for candies/candy

  • Flowpackers
  • Traypackers
  • Casepackers
  • Weight checking
  • Color detection
  • With buffer system or not
  • Intergration with other systems

Design, construction and delivery of packaging machinery

For years we have been the partner for design and construction of packaging machinery for candies. We pack, for example, diamond-shaped marshmallow at high speed, bags of candy into boxes and lollies into trays.

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