Infeed Systems

Infeed systems for efficient automated supply

Infeed systems for flow packers, case packers and tray loaders highly increase the efficiency and guarantee a hassle-free supply of products. The products are aligned perfectly before they end up on the infeed system. Then the products are positioned, one behind the other, after which they are positioned to chain pitch. The infeed system continuously measures the speed of the moving products and, where necessary, it sends the data to the flow packer, case packer or tray loader.

Flexibly adjustable infeed systems

All infeed systems are accurately adjusted to the specific demands of the client. The infeed system can quickly and easily be adjusted per product (shape, weight, substance, with/without cooling, with/without vacuum, etc.), so the system is continuously and flexibly deployable.


Double and triple racetrack

A racetrack is a compact, structured system that staples high feed rates of products, packed or not, sideways into an optional formation. This is a preparation after which a “pick and place unit” picks up the formation and puts it down on the infeed conveyor towards, for example, a flow packer.

A double racetrack has two mirrored inputs, ensuring double capacity. A triple variant has three, for triple capacity.
Each racetrack system can be fully customized, in line with the products, processes and wishes of each individual client.

Buffer system

Temporary buffer of products

By adding a buffer system to the infeed system of a packaging line, the product flow can efficiently be buffered for a while. This ensures minimal stagnation in case of, for example, malfunctions or when switching to other packaging. The rest of the process after all keeps functioning as usual.
This way it is possible to efficiently anticipate to performance loss because of malfunctions, exchanges or other (un)expected process interruptions.
Buffer systems are obviously organized to the client’s wishes.

Pictures of machines


Single racetrack

  • Grouping and positioning of products
  • Continuous process

Double racetrack

  • Double execution
  • 500 products p/min


  • 8-layers
  • Automatically fall & discharge

Refrigerated transport

  • Cooling time of 10 min.
  • Transport +100 meters.

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