MEATS (slices/rashers) AND CHEESE

Packaging machinery for meats and cheese

There are few industries where packaging requirements are as strict as with meats and cheese. The design of packaging machinery that meets all requirements and wishes of this industry, therefore is specialist work. We have been in control of this specialism for many years. Of course our packaging machinery fully complies with all hygiene-requirements and HACCP-standards. Also practical matters like water tightness and easy disassembly of the machines (in connection with cleaning) get our full attention. We construct customized packaging machinery for, for example, meat toppings, pâté, cheese, etc.

Customized packaging machinery and packaging lines for meats and cheese

  • Flow packers
  • Tray packers
  • Weight checking
  • Vacuum/in modified atmosphere
  • Integration with other systems
  • Transport conveyors
  • Whether or not with buffer system

Design, construction and delivery of packaging machinery

We have been designing packaging machinery for meats and cheese for years. We see to packaging of, for instance meats in resealable foil, pâté in polystyrene trays and cheese.

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