Total supplier and sparring partner in packaging machinery and packaging lines

Our main added values regarding the development of packaging lines are our expertise and commitment. We have had 25 years of experience in designing, constructing and maintaining automated packaging lines and can truly state that we know what we are talking about. It often happens that we are employed as a sparring partner. State your query and together with you we will see to the best packaging machine solution & lay out for your situation. Our methodology is as follows:

1. Briefing

Together we discuss your current situation and your wishes. Then, in close consultation we will create a schematic layout of the desired packaging solution. Of course we will take your situation as a starting point: your wishes, your processes, your products and your types packaging are central.

2. 3D drawings

After discussing this basic lay out, we will take care of fine-tuning, after which our engineers create a three-dimensional construction drawing of the packaging line. Of course, this is done in accordance with health & safety legislation, security standards and hygiene requirements.

3. Production (machining process and sheet metal)

After completion of the 3D construction drawing, we produce the parts of the packaging line in our own workshop. This is done by use of CNC-machines and our 3D printer. This 3D printer offers a unique added value: we are able to print virtually any part ourselves.

4. Mounting

All parts will be assembled. Together they form the packaging machine. The TIG-welding and polishing of the stainless steel parts also takes place in our own workshop.

5. Enclosure construction & programming

After the mechanical installation, we install and program all electronics. The enclosures are drawn, constructed, equipped with wiring and are tested, before they are installed on the machine.

6. Extensive tests

After completion of the packaging line, we position the entire machine in our workshop and extensively test all the features. Only after everything has been found to run perfectly, the packaging line is packed and transported to the client.

7. Placing and tuning

After delivery, the packaging line is installed, tuned and taken into production. Only after everything has been found to run smoothly, the delivery is completed.

8. Service/maintenance

Obviously our service doesn’t stop upon delivery of the packaging machine/packaging line. Agreements about maintenance, service and/or adjustments of the packaging lines we manufactured are always made in appropriate consultation, in accordance with previously made arrangements.

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