Robot packaging machinery

Client specific deployment of robotics for packaging machinery

Efficiency increase due to robotics

Robotics application in packaging machinery strongly contributes to yield efficiency. Automation of repetitive activities immediately improves the productivity and flexibility. On top of that, legislation like health and safety, as well as hygiene measures will be perfectly in order at the same time. Robotics provides endless possibilities. Pick and place robot cells, line tracking and robot vision are important applications.

Customization in robotics applications in packaging machinery

For each robotics design regarding packaging machinery, your issue is central and not a standard range of solutions. The robotics application must be designed and tuned exactly to optimally meet the client’s specific demands. And we have all the resources to do just that. Not only engineers and programmers who are masters of their trade, but also an extensive and modern machine pool including 3D printer.

Pick and place

Improving productivity & flexibility

Pick & place robots pick up products using grippers or suction cups, depending on the product. After picking them up, the robot arms place the product into a package. The pick & place robots can quickly and easily switch between programs. 
Of course each pick & place packaging robot is designed entirely conform specifications.

Line tracking

Tracing of products in motion

In case of line tracking the robot accurately traces moving products, to subsequently pick them up, in motion, from a transport conveyor, after which the products can be placed into their package. The line tracking system is easy to operate, due to which changes in products or transport conveyor speed can be carried out without loss of efficiency.

Robot vision

Robotics for sharp monitoring of packaging lines

Robot vision enables you to have the packaging line (or parts thereof) closely monitored, for a broad range of detection and scanning purposes. Robot vision is used in, for example, the safeguarding of continuity, for quality control (shape, color, etc.) and for counting, grouping and stacking of products.

Pictures of machines


Fanuc M20 robot

  • 6-picks per turn
  • Line tracking

Fanuc M2 robot

  • Fast picking
  • Vision integrated

Fanuc M1 robot

  • Compact high-speed picking and assembly

Fanuc LR-mate’s robots

  • Discard pile of products
  • Line-tracking
  • Rapid-tool-change

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