AGF (Potatoes, vegetables and fruit)

Packaging machinery for potatoes, vegetables and fruit

Specific packaging requirements apply for potatoes, fruit and vegetables. Hygiene, temperature and freshness/shelf-life play a major role. Also exact weights/quantities (based on servo-controlled systems) are essential during the packaging of foods, regarding potatoes, vegetables and fruit. Additionally, there are other requirements and specifications for each product, packaging, process and client. Of course, pineapples slices demand an entirely different packaging machine then certain types of potatoes. That is why we would like to hear about your specific packaging issue, so we can match it with the best possible packaging solution.

Customized packaging machinery and packaging lines for potatoes, fruits and vegetables

  • Flowpackers
  • Traypackers
  • Casepackers
  • ¬†Weight checking
  • Integration with other systems
  • Transport conveyors
  • Buffer systems

Design, construction and delivery of packaging machinery

Design and development of packaging machinery and lines for potatoes, vegetables and fruit are part of our core business. We, for example, see to packaging of potatoes into bags, sliced mushrooms into boxes and pineapple slices into trays.

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