Pet Food

Packaging machinery for pet food

Pet food involves specific packaging requirements. Hygiene and freshness/shelf-life are very important. In addition, different requirements and specifications apply per product, per package, per process and per client. For example: dry, loose dog sweets obviously require a packaging system other than that of cat food cans.
We would like to hear about your specific packaging issue, to subsequently offer you the best customized packaging solution.

Customized packaging machinery for candies/candy

  • Tray packers
  • Case packers
  • Tubo-fillers
  • Vacuum
  • Weight checking
  • With buffer system or not
  • Integration with other systems

Design, construction and delivery of packaging machinery

For years we have been the partner for the development of packaging machinery and packaging lines for pet food and other animal products. We see to packaging of, for example dog food into portions, dog hamburgers in flow pack and dog chews in bags.

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